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What is a Digital Twin of a Property?


In the Real Estate Industry, a Digital Twin is a digital replica of a property with all its assets. These replicas can be developed in various software, but recent developments of technologies like the  Internet of Things and the evolution of Virtual and Augmented Reality tools have enabled us to get more data and better visualization tools. New platforms that merge different visualization tools with database systems are spearheading new ways to keep the buildings connected.

3D Modeling


3D models are the base of Digital twin technology as they allow us to replicate the physical aspects of any object. Different software's use different mathematical equations such as NURBS or Meshes to represent the physical properties of an object.

BIM Models


BIM Modeling allows the storage and representation of more than just the physical properties of an object in a digital space. Information about the object like manufacturer, materials, warranties and other documentation could be associated to a specific 3D object or groups of objects.

Digital Twin Hotel

Virtual & Augmented Reality


Virtual and Augmented Reality have facilitated the navigation systems of a Building. Before these technologies only professional architects or engineers would be able to move through a virtual space, now with new platforms these types of navigation are accessible to everyone and are easy to use.

Internet of Things


The new development of the Internet of Things (IoT) have given a new type of connectivity to buildings. These technologies have given life to the building by allowing us to constantly track its functioning.

New Generation CMMS


The new generation of CMMS developments are able to help building managers navigate, access and merge all these different technologies into one platform. The joining of the technologies described above with asset tracking and case creation systems allow managers to keep building data updated as the building is operational. If the data in a building is not constantly updated it becomes a picture of a moment in time, making these data obsolete in some cases. A digital twin also refers to having the buildings data constantly updated and are the New Generations of CMMS systems that will allow property managers, building owners and residents to  access their properties Digital Twin. These platforms are usually online and adapt to any device.

Digital Twin Platform
Digital Twin Asset Tracking
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