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An essential part of the workflow of ALPACA. Using data gathered after the reality capture we transform your property into digital information. This information will be transferred and synchronized for the creation of your Digital Twin.

BIM Matterport Conversion

BIM Model

By using advanced laser scanning technology we are able to create precise architectural 3D surveys for our clients' properties.
From small apartments that need to be renovated to high complex properties that need to be audited, our team is ready to digitize any scale property portfolio.
We are great partners for architects, real estate brokers and potential property buyers. We can check for them the reality of their properties.
We create BIM and CAD documentation of your property fast and accurately.
These surveys help home and big portfolio buyers have a third party check and certify the square feet they are buying or leasing.
Our Laser Measuring Camera allows us to transform more accurately properties through the transformation of Point Cloud into BIM 3D Models.
See example of Brooklyn Townhouse 

We use the scan from the virtual reality platform to convert this visual tool into a professional architecture survey.

The use of the latest technology allows ALPACA's team to give a more complete digital architectural survey to our clients.


Our clients will see and verify the real status of their properties not only in CAD version but in Virtual Reality. Making the communication more fluid and transparent from end to end for all team members.

Commercial Properties

Before renting or remodeling any commercial space is important to verify the square meters you are leasing. Sometimes the architectural records don't reflect the reality on site and this leads to problems in construction and redesign.

As shown in the example, the walls and pipes were added by previous tenants that the owners architecture records didn't reflect the change.

With ALPACA you can make sure you have a third party will help you understand the status of your leasing area.


"The 3D Scan helped us see a 1 meter discrepancy difference to the original plans, it saved us a lot of time to not having to redesign to adjust such difference! "

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