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What is a CMMS ?


A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMSis a type of software that aides property administrator  keep track of work orders, asset information and schedule maintenance checkups. They base their technology on database systems to track and gather information of a property.

The new generation of CMMS have physical information embedded into the property asset and new modes of visualization like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).


These new CMMS let you manage your properties Digital Twins. 

CMMS Technology

Database Systems


CMMS are all based on Database Systems as the founding block of their technology. Within it carries all the information of each asset in a property like sellers contact information, price, warranty and assets description. Depending on the type of system it would be stored in the cloud or in a office server. 

Asset Tracking System


This system lets property manager create work orders and schedule maintenance checkups. The software allows for each incident in a property to be tracked, it also lets managers add maintenance and repair costs to each specific asset incident. 

Diagram New Generation CMMS

Reports and Comparisons


CMMS platforms also allow you to create reports of different types of assets and compare sellers base of maintenance issues and costs. These report become crucial when making managerial maintenance decisions. As one begins to track entire property portfolios, the system allows for maintenance and repair cost comparison to understand possible operational corrections.


The New Generation

Virtual Reality (VR)

New tools in Camera development allows managers to access not only the Database system information but access visual and physical information as well.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR will play a great role in the change of data visualization. Building information will become more accessible and instant as new tools are developed to make properties more sustainable. These tools will allow the maintenance teams to see through walls and bring to life asset information and building design.

Digital Twin 

These term refers digital replica of a property. New generations of CMMS give client access to their properties asset and physical information. Platforms like ALPACA that merge asset tracking and virtual reality technologies are spearheading the integration of information to give property managers access to a digital twin. As a buildings parts encumber many layers of information, ALPACA allows their clients to see and access physical data and compare it instantly with the database system. This gives a more complete picture of the data to the property manager.

Management of Properties Ecosystem 

New CMMS platforms will not only manage building assets information. They will integrate tenant and consumption information to help understand the entire property ecosystem.

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