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Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

We manage different ranges of complex information within your property. Together with all involvement parties, this information (along with warranty and purchase tracking) can now be request and transfer seamlessly enhancing the property management service workflow.

Having a maintenance software to help you manage your property has become almost indispensable.


From the task managers to the full ERP software's on the market you must evaluate which one to use.

ALPACA's Online Platform gives you the most complete visualization tools of your property.


It merges the latest technology in virtual visualization,

CMMS online software and BIM information


Giving the property-manager/owner the full power of the latest tools in a user friendly multi device experience.


Making the most robust CMMS on the market.

Online Platform

We are MORE than JUST A CMMS; our online platform allows you select each of your assets in a Virtual Reality Space. You will never lose track of one single lightbulb. 

The Virtual Reality Platform allows you to measure and answer questions a client or a contractor might have about your property.

These tools are Online and available 24 hrs. for our clients.

MATTERPORT_Virtual Reality Restaurant
MATTERPORT Restaurant Virtual Reality

"We manage more than a hundred rooms. It's very hard to identify a repetitive item. It's very easy for us to lose track of the small-scale assets.
But these end up adding up on the bottom line."

Asset Tracking & Team Management

Our online software allows you to produce report of each asset of you building. Making you a more efficient property manager without having to spend hours identifying a light bulb.


You can create task for each of you team's member and see how each activity is being done. You have the ability to add files or pictures to each activity showing a seamless transparent maintenance workflow.

We can track the cost of each incident in your property and see that you can identify the warranty, seller, cost contact information and much more

ALPACA Online CMMS Platform | Digital Twin
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