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Discover the benefits of using ALPACA
to manage your properties.


Increase your productivity
without having to sacrifice accuracy.

Deliver more to your residents and owners by using our platform designed to drive efficiency, provide insights and reduce headaches.

Is Maintenance and repairs your number one headache?

At ALPACA Technology, we understand that in order for properties to keep their high value properties owner must maintain a standard for common areas and properties.

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Are your condominium owners still lining up to pay their fee at the bank?

With ALPACA your owners can pay by credit card; make total or partial payments, and even schedule the payment of your maintenance fee by credit card from the app.

We Believe
Systematizing Property Data is in the core of the Assets Management business.

As a Prop-Tech Company we believe in the constant integration of technologies to create managing tools. We have the experience with building information management technologies and we feel the need to develop an efficient platform where property managers can access their information in seconds.

ALPACA CMMS Online Platform

Understanding a building in its entirety is a daunting task for anyone that is involved. We are changing the traditional CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system) operation by helping our customer “see the data”.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is at the core of our answer and is the tool that will allow
property data to connect all involving parties:

Owners / Building Manager / Maintenance crew

For the business to fast forward into the future, it must look at maintenance technology.


Our clients run on ALPACA
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